God’s Comfort is Sufficient

Some of life’s hardest moments occur when we’re mourning a recent loss. But the words of Jesus and the good news of the Bible offer comfort and bring a message of hope. This week, I lost my friend of over 30 years, and sometimes my grief overtakes me. But God’s word provides comfort. Lamentations 3:32 says: “But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude  of his mercies.” I will be holding on to that in the weeks ahead. If you are hurting, lean on him. God bless you!

A New Beginning

Well, we’ve come to the end – the end of another year. That means that we have a new year, a new beginning, a chance to start over. Revelation 21:5 says “Behold I make all thing new.” While that actually refers to a new heaven and new earth I like to also think of it as God giving us a new day, a new opportunity to do and be better. What can we do to begin anew? How about committing to read the bible in a year (I just finished and will start again), maybe saying “have a blessed day” instead of “have a good day,” maybe listening to someone more closely to recognize a need. Because of God, we have an opportunity to start fresh every day. Will we take that opportunity? I pray so. God bless you and Happy New Year!

How Not To Forget!

There may be an occasion when we witness that we are asked difficult questions for which we might not have the answers. But we can always go to our bibles to find those answers by studying and memorizing scripture. As time goes on, the answers to those difficult questions will become second nature to us. Psalm 116:16 says “I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.” This verse makes me realize that memorizing scripture, while it takes time, can also be enjoyable. As you witness, remember that God has given us a helper, the Holy Spirit, who will also guide us. God bless you as you share His word.

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