Persistence in Prayer

It is not unreasonable to say that all real growth in our spiritual life – victory over temptation, peace in our time of trouble, hope in times of disappointment or loss depend on the practice of prayer. When we think God doesn’t hear our prayers, He is not ignoring us. Sometimes, our prayers are not the best thing for us, or perhaps the timing isn’t right, or maybe even a sinful habit is hindering our prayers. Remember, He knows what’s best for us. Sometimes He says yes, sometimes He says no, and sometimes his answer is not yet. He wants to hear from us. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” An anonymous author said, “A child of God ought to expect answers to prayer. God means every prayer to have an answer; and not a single real prayer can fail of its effect in Heaven.” So let’s be persistent in our prayer life. God bless you!

Which Way Do You Pray?

When we pray most of us bow our heads in solemn worship, but is that the only way? I like how Jesus prayed. When bringing Lazarus back to life He “lifted up his eyes;” when He multiplied the five loaves and two fishes “he looked up to heaven;” and when His time had come John 17: 1 says “These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to Heaven……” and he spoke to His Father. Each time I look at the night sky and see how He perfectly placed the stars, I lift up my eyes and give Him thanks for the beauty of his creations. How do you pray? No matter how you do it, thank God for all things! Amen? God bless you!

Take Time to Pray

How many of us get up in the morning, say our prayers, and go on with our day? We miss some great opportunities to speak with our heavenly Father. Try praying when taking a walk, when you are driving to work (keep your eyes open), or when you are just sitting. When you say you’ll pray for someone, do it right then, in person or over the phone. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “Pray without ceasing.” So let’s do it. God bless you and God bless Israel!

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