Give Him the Praise

Praise may be one of the highest, noblest, best, most satisfying things we can do with our day. All of us praise Him for the “big” things: recovery from illness, a new job, the birth of a healthy child, but consider the small things. As I sit at my table each morning I can see the beautiful blue sky He has created. I watch the different species of birds feasting on seeds and insects and the squirrels gathering acorns, each of them working side-by-side in perfect harmony with each other; even the rain is a blessing from Him. At night, I gaze at the majesty of the stars, each put in place by our creator! Psalm 9:1 says: “I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth (tell) all thy marvelous works.” What will you praise Him for today? There are thousands of things, and we can’t praise Him enough! May He fill your day with blessings!