How Do You See God In You?

Job’s main complaint against God is not His control or His care — His main complaint is: God, are truly aware of what I am going through?

Job pours out his heart to God, wanting assurance that God really knows what is happening in his life.   What  Job does is something that should bring us comfort when we’re hurting—that God is a Father who knows what we’re going through, who knows what we’re facing.  A God who has never left us in all our trials of life.  Job realizes how he sees God in the final chapter:

 Job 42:3 – God speaks to Job about Job  questioning God’s  wisdom. Job realized he (Job) was talking about things he knew nothing about, things far too wonderful for him (Job).  The word wonderful is used and it’s a word that you don’t expect to be used in the middle of discussing pain and suffering. When Job realizes what God knows, he truly sees God in the right way.

How do you see God? Hopefully, you see God as your guide, your master, your hope of eternal life through Christ Jesus being your Lord and Saviour.

God bless you.