Thank God for His Word, it’s unchangeable

God’s Word is an impeccable truth and vitally important to any Christian. It never changes, it is the sure and true way God speaks to us and our entire faith and salvation depends upon the Word of God. It is from God’s Word we learn valuable truths, i.e., that God is infinitely worthy of our trust. In fact, from God’s Word, James 1:17 tells us every good and perfect gift cometh down from the Father of Lights, with him there is no variableness or shadow of turning. In Ps. 102:25-27 the Psalmist praised God for not being like the heavens and the earth. He said, that we’re created, and will one day pass away. He went on to thank God for being constant and unchanging, always dependable. Without God’s Word we would not know these valuable, comforting truths. Without God’s Word we would not know that God will never change his mind when it comes to his purposes or promises, which provide a firm foundation for our faith. Thank God for His Word, it’s unchangeable.